Summa Summa Summa Goals

If you follow me on tumblr you know that this past year of school was tough, and I have no desire to rehash all that, but I’m looking to make some real improvements this summer. I love to be as productive as possible during the summers and really try to better myself as much as I can. So far my goals are: 

  1. Do quality work at my job
  2. Learn as much as I can by assisting in the research lab
  3. See real academic improvements in the kids I am tutoring
  4. Write a 500-700 word piece of writing twice a month
  5. Relearn the basics of writing/grammar 
  6. Finish 2 books a month
  7. Figure out what I want to dedicate my extra time to next year 
  8. Play my violin 3 times a week 
  9. Exfoliate regularly, keep my cuticles healthy, deep condition my hair regularly  
  10. Stay on track with my devotions, and start studying Galations 
  11. Write out a 3-year plan (more about this later) 
  12. Become more informed on current events, and occasionally read stories from the major news papers
  13. Work on my sewing skills and finish making the skirts I promised for my friends
  14. Protect my happiness at all cost 

My favorite number is 14 so I think that is a good place to cap things off at. Do you have any similar goals? What are you planning to do this summer? 



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