An Open Letter to my 3rd year Self

Dear 3rd year self,

As you move into your 3rd year of college acknowledge why this year feels different than the years before. Recognize the growth you have made and identify where you still need to improve. Your second year was a marathon, and you were crawling at the end, so don’t put yourself in that position again.

Work hard in school, and know that you are the queen of time management and will get everything done. Say yes and figure out the details later. It will be worth it. Do well on your first midterm so you don’t have to stress later. Have someone read over your papers and make sure to use commas!

Plan for your future but don’t take for granted where you are right now. This is a special time and you don’t want to miss out on things because you are too focused on the future.

Always choose people. But don’t neglect your other obligations.

Love Jesus and know His grace.

Don’t feel like you need to go out, because you know there is a 76.4% chance you will end up sitting in the window seal watching everyone else. Sit at home, read, hang out with people who have similar interest. Find museums, art shows, new coffee-shops, movies. Be able to entertain yourself.

Never stop loving as hard as you do. But protect yourself. Sometimes it is necessary to make decisions with your head instead of just your heart. Don’t let anyone consume who you are and your emotions, because at the end of the day, you are the sun.

Ain't no rain getting in my way What's broken


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