A “Just Because” Lunch with Mom

Now that I am away from home basically 10 out of the 12 months in a year, I really appreciate the time I do get to spend with my Mom. Yesterday, she was off work so she suggested we try out a new restaurant in town called Taste. It has a very aesthetically pleasing decor with a little store on one side, with a wall of wine bottles separating it from the restaurant side with tables.

Think of it as a slightly different Jason’s Deli, that doesn’t have the amazing corn bread muffins. I ordered a BBQ sandwich (#typical) which was super good, and my mom tried some buffalo chicken soup with a spinach salad. The sweet tea was also on point. Below are some pictures from the inside, and if you scroll to the very bottom you can see a new snack I decided to try!

Happy Tuesday!


I really wanted these to be amazing, but I’m not convinced. In my head they would be like hot cheetos, but they aren’t at all…



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