Operation Defluff: An Update

Hey y’all so a few weeks ago I posted about my goal of “defluffing” aka losing a little weight before my trip to visit my boy in South Carolina. Now that that trip is over I thought I would give y’all an update.

Overall the plan is going really well, and all the meal prepping, work out planning has basically become a hobby for me. I started off just wanting to just slim down, but as time went on I have bigger goals…I want to be ripped. Like obvious defined muscles. Soooo instead of simply eating more whole natural foods, I am currently in a caloric deficit. So far I think it is going pretty well and it honestly has given me something to do when I get off work.

In terms of food I’m eating a core group of food:

  • Hella Eggs
  • Oatmeal
  • Chicken Breast
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Kodiak Protein Pancakes (!!!)
  • Apples, Strawberries, Blueberries
  • Double Protein English Muffins
  • Various veggies
  • Turkey Bacon

I am using the app My Fitness Pal to track my food and macros for each day. I used a macro calculator on iifym.com to calculate my personal macros for my intended goals. Then the night before, after I cook all my food, I input all of my meals into the app. Doing it beforehand allows for me to see if I am hitting my macro (protein, carb, fat) goals for the day, if not it allows for me to see where I need to adjust. I typically cook 2-3 days of meals at a time, which make things really simple for eating on the go and sticking to my caloric and macro goals.

Aside from food, I am lifting with a little bit of cardio about 6 days a week. It has been 4 weeks of the original defluffing plan, and 1 week of the more aggressive plan and so far it is all going really well.

While this has definitely been a lifestyle change I still eat a lot of the foods I would have before, I am just fitting it into my macros goals. I have also started learning about products  like Halo Top ice cream (240 calories and 24g of protein per pint!!) and Yasso ice cream bars that have “good macros” and fit well into my plan for the day.

I used to be the girl who cringed at anyone who mentioned the word calorie because I have always loved my body and enjoyed eating everything I could get my hands on. In some ways,  I am still that girl. I just want to aesthetically take my body to the next level, which takes effort and attention to what I am consuming.

P.S I STILL EAT MCDONALDS, just not as often!




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