Today in Adulting: Wrap Dresses & Checkbooks

img_9186Last summer I read Diane Von Furstenberg’s book, The Woman I Wanted to be, and ever since, I have been obsessed with all things DVF, especially wrap dresses. I’m currently not in a position to shell out $500 for an original DVF wrap dress but thankfully the style is a classic and has filtered down to stores like Marshalls and Tj Maxx.



You know, like that quote from The Devil Wears Prada when Miranda commented on Andy’s “cerulean” sweater. ( Thank goodness for “tragic Casual Corners”)


Anyways, after watching a Youtube video in attempt to figure out how to tie this thing, I finally wore my new wrap dress to work today! I love dresses because of their simplicity, but also because it looks like you put effort into your appearance but you really just slipped some fabric over your head.

I was definitely feeling professional walking around the office today with my wrap dress and matching black moleskin. Along with the whole professional thing, today I balanced my checkbook. After an informative phone call with my mom (where I got scolded for waiting 2 months to get started) I got to balancing! I ended up running out of room on my ledger, and I’m pretty sure I’m about $20 off, but hey it was my first time and I’ll get better with practice. Right?



Comment below and share how you adulted today?!




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