Make Up Forever Lipstick Review

Hey friends! Today, my Make Up Forever Lipstick samples came in the mail! I’ve known that I was getting it for about a week now so I was v pumped to see if on my front porch after getting home from the gym. #gains

It was in an all black box with this simple packaging on the inside. Nice and sleek, right?! 

Before receiving the samples I did not know what colors I was going to get, out of the 45 colors in the entire collection.  My immediate reaction after looking at the packaging of the individual boxes was oh gee I got all red…

Fortunately that was not the case! I received:

  1. Artist Rouge Mat M401
  2. Artist Rouge Creme C600
  3. Artist Rouge Creme C211

Here are swatches on my hand that should give you a better idea of the color. From the bottom up:

Artist Rouge Mat M401

Surprisingly, this red looks really great on me. It’s not too too bright and crazy, but definitely gave me the Tracee Ellis Ross or Jurnee Bell bold lip goals I’m always going for. Definitely a win! The other two colors were creme, but this was a mat texture. I almost liked it better than the others and I didn’t feel like it dried out my lips at all!

Artist Rouge Creme C600

So it’s white. Realistically, I’m not sure if I would ever wear it on its own, but if  I wanted to get really fancy I think I could mix a color with it and be v DIY if I really wanted to. It has a nice creamy consistency and is very moisturizing. (If you’re one of my real life friends and you want this lipstick, its all yours!)

Artist Rouge Creme C211

After opening this color I got really excited because it is close to my all-time fav lipstick, which is the Pigalle shade by NARS (see comparison below). This Artist Rouge shade has more berry tones to it, as opposed to the brown tones my NARS color has. I did enjoy the creme texture but less is more is definitely the motto for that. Another win in my book!

After trying these colors out, I googled to see that the retail price is $22 each. I paid $32 for that NARS color so the price is also a win! If you like these colors, or want to look at the other 42 colors in the collection, you can get yours here! Comment below if this was helpful, or if you have any more questions about the samples I received!

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes*




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