I’ve Moved! 

Hello everyone! Over the past week I have been working really hard to move this blog to my own domain. 

For now on you can find me at lysseonlife.com. In addition, if you were subscribed to the blog and got emails when I posted something new, you will need to sign up again on the new site (you’ll find it all the way at the bottom of my new home page). 

Thank you for following me this long, and I’m excited for all there is to come! 


Deva Curl Styling Products: A Review

Hey everyone! I have another product review coming at all my curl hair chicks!

About a month after receiving a Deva Curl product from Influenster, I was asked to joing the Deva Curl Social Media Influencer team! It has honestly been a dream to work with a brand I whole heartedly believe in. With that being said, every product is not for everyone and everyone is not going to think they are great, and that is okay! I also want to preface this by saying that I have 3B hair. My curls are decently lose, the width of a small grape and my overall hair texture is not very coarse.  Before using these styling products, my hair product list started and ended with a bottle of olive oil. My hair screams for moisture and the olive oil does just that and leaves it looking shiny and healthy. I can only speak from my experience with my hair type, but I hope my descriptions will help you decipher if it could work for you!

Anyways, Deva Curl was kind enough to send me a few of their products and over the past couple of weeks i’ve been trying them so that I would be able to report back to y’all. Lets get started!


A. Coconut Curl StylerThis product is good if you don’t think you need something strong to hold your curls under control. It is light, but still provides some moisture. I applied it while wet, but after it dried my hair looked a dry, and lacked the shine I was looking for.

B.  Curl Boosting Spray Gel— If you’re looking for that beachy, textured waves look, this is for you! This is a “Texture & Volume” product and I think it is best utilized on 2nd day curls. It is a lightweight spray gel and it works well just by spraying and re-crunching during your morning routine. Also a good product to help lay down those fly-aways.

C.  Strong Hold Ultra Defining Gel— This is the one product they sent me that I have used before. It is your typical gel and if you apply it evenly it won’t be crunchy. Evenly is the key word because if I don’t take the time to apply it in sections I find some parts are shiny, and controlled while others are frizzy and dry. If you are looking for the strongest hold and most control, this is your product.

D. Lightweight Body Booster— This product is classified under “Texture & Volume” so if you are looking for a one stop product to control curls from gradually increasing in size throughout the day, this isn’t it. I think this product is best used in addition to something that provides a better hold. So maybe the Ultra Defining Gel or even with the Coconut Curler where it would also help you get the shine you may be lacking. I personally tried it with my olive oil routine and that was very promising. Sometimes the olive oil leaves my hair a little flat and this really livened up my curls and provided “controlled shape”. It is great for frizz-control and it comes out in a fun foam!

E. Build up Buster– See my whole post about this product here. It is a once a week shampoo that helps break down product build-up, or build-up from hard water use. I think it is a game changer. You should give it a try. shampoo.jpg

F. No-Poo Decadence– I have used Deva Curl’s normal shampoo (no-poo) and conditioner line, but the Decadence line is something amazing! The amount of moisture it provides is great for my curls who crave moisture. Like their other “shampoos” it doesn’t provide a heavy lather so that it doesn’t strip your natural oils away.

G. One Condition Decadence— I think this conditioner is equally amazing. It provides the good condition every curly girl is looking for and if I let it sit in the shower the de-tangling process is a lot easier. Both the shampoo and conditioner have chufa milk and quinoa protein to strengthen and moisturize those curls!
FullSizeRender 2

Deva Curl Hand DiffuserA diffuser is a must for curly girls. Normal blow dryers blow your curls around disrupting their shape during the drying process. A diffuser provides a controlled space from them to dry. I especially love the Deva Curl Diffuser for it’s unique hand shape. It allows for you to get right up to the root, then you can work towards the ends and back up to the root to “scrunch” the curls into shape.

I know this was long, but I hope you see a product that might work for you! If you have questions, please comment below or shoot me and email and I would love to help. For the products I definitely believe in the idea of making your own cocktail of products, mix and match and find what works for you!

*All opinions are my own*

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Why it’s Okay to Blog Without a Niche

If you’ve ever read a “how to blog” article there is always a step about finding your niche. They say if you want to be successful you need a niche so you can find your target audience and have engaged readers. You know like decisding whether you are a food blogger, fitness, maybe fashion, or a mommy blogger? With my blog I could never seem to identify one point of my life that I felt I could continuously talk about. Honestly, that’s why my previous blogs have failed. After my Dad died I had a blog about grief. I’m pretty sure at one point I had a blog about my future medical career (lol) but none of those stuck. Why? Because I could only talk about those topics for so long before I ran out of things to say, and my non-exisistent readers at the time just got bored.

Now, this is not to say that people who blog with a particular niche are stagnant, or repetitive or boring. I just know I couldn’t do it, even if it did make my blog more “successful.” Some days I want to share my outfit, some days I want to talk about Jesus, or food or fitness. I just want to share my life and things I think are rad and I want to do that without feeling like I’m “off brand”. As my life continues to evolve, so with this blog. In the next few months I’ll talk more about my life in grad school and teaching. Then one day I’m sure I’ll share a lot about wedding planning and maybe one day Lysse on Life will have a mommy category.

You may be thinking, Alysse, doesn’t this make you a lifestyle blogger? And yeah, maybe you’re right. The lifestyle category includes a wide variety of blogs, but I personally think it leans toward fashion bloggers who sometimes talk about other things. The category is just so large and diverse that any advantage you may get from a niche is basically negated.

I’ve said this before, but I choose to follow people because of their personality, their beliefs,  and what they are passionate about. Not for their cute outfits or the cool products they share. While I love seeing those posts too, I really want to feel like I’m getting to know the person behind the blog, or the instagram account. If I feel like thats not possible, then no outfit cute enough will keep me around.

So that is it my friends. I’m just here to share my life, through every loop and turn. And I hope you stick around because you like what I write, or how I write it. The outfit posts, the recipes, my feelings about X, and 7 reasons you should start doing Y, they are all me, and they are here to stay.

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