Sephora Splurge: A Review 

Hey! I’ve been preparing for this post for a while now and I am so excited to share with y’all. One of my best friends gifted me a sample pack of Sephora Beauty products and she specifically told me “it is something you can blog about!” So here it is. If you’re looking to step up your skin care game this is a great place to start. Below are 9 different products I’ve been experimenting with over the past month, see what may work for you!

I do want to preface that some of the regular size bottles of these products are pretty very expensive. Look for the ones that offer various sizes, then try the smallest one first to see how you like it. Some have an unrealistic price tag and I will probably never buy it again, but those that I really like I think I would make the effort to save for. You get one face, so invest in it! 



A. Philosophy Purity Face Wash— A month ago I tried a new bar soap and swore I would never use anything else on my face every again. Then, I tried this Purity Liquid face soap and was so so impressed by the texture and how effective it cleaned my face. The soap feels soft on your skin and it leaves it feeling moisturized and clean instead of dry and or sticky like other soaps I’ve tried. 9/10 recommend. 


B. Origins Drink Up-Intensive–Y’all this is nectar that fell from the heavens. I’m so serious.  First, it has a light fresh avocado fragrance and second, it is perfect for the cold winter months that are so hard on your skin. The bottle says it is a “mask” so I was confused if I was supposed to wash it off, or what. But really it is just a thick lotion that will keep your face moisturized overnight. 10/10 recommend. 

C. Caudalíe Moisturizing Cream–This was not my favorite. It is particularly made for those with oily skin and is supposed to be good under make-up. Personally, it wasn’t moisturizing enough for me. But if you do have oily skin it might be worth a try. 5/10 recommend. 

D. TarteGuard–This is a pretty nice moisturizer for under your make-up or for those days you go bare faced but still need some moisture. It is SPF 30, light, breathable, and non-greasy. Overall, it works and I like that it has the SPF, but I wasn’t overly impressed. 7/10 recommend. 


E. Kate Somerville ExfoliKate–Out of the two masks I received, this was my favorite. The exfoliation sediments are very very tiny. I applied it all over my face and rubbed it in small circles to ensure I covered my entire face. After washing it off I felt like I had effectively exfoliated the dead skin, and it left my face looking bright and blush. 8/10 recommend.

F. Boscia Peel Off Black Mask–Y’all, this is the mask you’ve seen all over Facebook and Instagram. The one that looks cool, but in theory hurts when you peel it off, and doesn’t extract all the things you hope it might. You have to apply a somewhat thick layer, so if you use the product consistently it won’t last long. It takes about 20 minutes to dry then you start the peeling process. I start at my chin, but as soon as I reach my upper cheeks it really starts to hurt. If you get it too close to your hairline, its game over. Tears start rolling. I inspected the removed mask and no blackheads were removed, maybe some small little white things but that is all. If anything I think it would be good for those with oily skin because it does absorb a good amount of oil. Otherwise, it is just not worth it. 4/10 recommend. 


G. Shiseudi Wrinkle Resist— It is never too early to start fighting against wrinkles! Before this I had used a Clique under eye cream, but this one is far better. It is a thicker consistency unlike a cream or a lotion, that makes it feel more expensive for one, and two it feels more hydrating. I don’t have wrinkles, but I do think it has helped what my doctor calls “allergy eyes” or dark circles. If anything, it makes me feel like I’m doing something good for my future self. 8/10 recommend.

H.Caudalíe Sérum–When I first got this I didn’t understand the purpose. A serum? Is that like a lotion? Do I put it all over my face? After reading the Sephora page I learned that it is for dark spots, acne scars, and dryness. Perfect for me! Now that I’ve stopped trying to smear it all over my face I understand how it could be beneficial. I’m not sure if it actually works, but I apply it to my acne scars at night under the Orgins Intensive Mask, and again in the morning. Previously I was using Bio Oil on my acne scars and I think that stuff is magic, it also has a better price tag ,sooooo.  6.5/10 recommend. 

I. Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil Light–Finally one of my favorite products out of the bunch. It is pure argan oil and comes in a small bottle with a droplet top. Once in the morning and once before I go to bed, I drop a little bit over my cuticles on both hands. It has worked wonders so far. I hate when my cuticles look dry and I start getting hangnails (boo winter) but this stuff has significantly help and makes my manicure look fresh longer. I have also used a few drops on various dry patches I’ve found on my legs, elbows, and knees. I’m sure their are a 1,000 more uses too, I just haven’t found them yet! 10/10 recommend. 



Deva Curl Buildup Buster: A Review

I received another product in the mail by Influenster this week, and it may be the most exciting one yet. It is the newest DeVaCurl product called Build up Buster, not yet available in stores. The website says:

“We’re the first to bring Micellar Water to haircare! Micellar Water attracts dirt like a magnet to gently remove buildup from the hair and scalp. Unlike traditional clarifying shampoos that contain harsh ingredients, this powerful cleanser won’t strip the hair. Plus, it contains abyssinian seed oil and jojoba to deliver moisture, shine and head-turning bounce.” 

Deva Curl Buildup Buster

The bottle top is a point that you screw open and the instructions tell you to focus on the scalp first and then move down toward the ends, rinse, then finish up with a conditioner. I used the product this morning after not having washed my hair for at least 8ish days. Going this long without washy for me means my curls are matted together, they are lifeless, flat, and very dry, with a slight fragrance of leftover coconut or olive oil mixed in. Knowing that this was the current state of my hair I thought this was a perfect time to test the effectiveness of the product!

The consistency of the product is gel like, but not sticky and it has a fabulous fragrance. If you have used any DevaCurl products you know not to expect any visible suds, and that was pretty much true here as well. I ran the tip all throughout my scalp, focusing on the back half of my head then worked some into the rest of my hair. I scratched around for a while before rinsing and conditioning like normal.

I’m not sure I can say that it “decreased any buildup” but I did feel like my hair was clean yet not striped of its oils like other shampoos do. To my curly girls, have you tried any of the DevaCurl products? Did you like them?

If you’re interested in my experience getting a DevaCurl Haircut, you can read about it here.

I’ve tried a few other products of theirs. The No Poo, One Conditioner, and The Ultra Defining Gel. I believe there is a level above the No Poo (like a little more “poo”) and I think I would like that better. Same for the Defining Gel, it was a little too crunchy for me.  The One Conditioner is awesome though! 

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.



Blog Swap: It’s Really Life or Death

Hey there fabulous Lysse on Life readers!

My name is Kaitlin and I’m a 20-
something who’s been graduated and working in the “real world” for like five months now. Alysse graciously agreed to do a blog swap with me and I quite literally could not be more excited to have the chance to connect with her AND all of y’all. One of my favorite things about blogging is having the opportunity to build relationships with different people all across the world, so this definitely furthers that.

I have been wanting to write this post for quite a while, but just haven’t gotten around to writing it for my own blog. Alysse and I decided to do a blog swap, so I thought chatting with y’all would be the right place!

Living as an “adult” for the past several months has really made me value my mental health, and one of the ways I do that is through my mantra! I know the idea of a “mantra” sounds low-key lame and super cliche, but it’s literally one of the best things I could have done for myself!

I don’t know if your parents are like mine, but growing up I would get really upset or annoyed about something and my mom would always say something along the lines of, “Kaitlin, just let it go. It’s not life or death.” If your parents didn’t use that phrase, it basically means whatever you’re upset about isn’t the end of the world, so just keep on trucking.

But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned everything quite literally is life or death and it’s not a bad thing.

Sometimes you may be put in a bad situation, but you’re still alive and you’re going to get through it. I have read many a blog that tell readers to ask themselves if whatever the hold up is going to be important five years down the line. They’re thinking along the same line as I am.

Your boyfriend broke up with you. Are you going to care in five years? You had to ask your mom for money to pay your electricity this month. Are you going to care in five years? You and your best friend got in a fight? Are you going to care in five years?

If you’re like me, it’s very likely the answer to all of those is overwhelmingly no. We like to get all hyped up about certain situations, whatever they may be, when in the long run they’re really not going to matter.

Want to know why?

Everything is quite literally life or death.

Every time I explain it to someone they saw it as low-key morbid, but I’ll let you be the judge. No matter what bad situation you’ve gotten yourself into, you’re still alive and will keep on chugging. You’re basically the Little Engine That Could. That, and the ability to learn new things about yourself and the world, is beautiful in and of itself. Life is the great experience and everything, even struggles, give you the opportunity to learn more about yourself and get closer to becoming the person you want to be.

On the flip side, if you’re dead, you won’t know! Or you’ll get to be a ghost or in Heaven or whatever it is you believe in, so those are pretty awesome alternatives.

Thinking of life like that changed so many things for me. I used to be negative and up in arms about everything if it didn’t work out my way, but now I have the opportunity to be ecstatic about everything that happens to me because it makes me more of who I’m supposed to be.

My boyfriend broke up with me, but it helped teach me what I wanted in a man. Someone that I thought was a friend didn’t help me get away from the creepy guy at the bar, but I learned in a low-stakes environment that maybe that friend doesn’t have my best interest at heart. I ran out of gas while on the way to work, but I learned just how far I can push my car until I run out of gas.

Everything is a learning situation and learning helps you get better in the future. I know, gag me, right? I thought that at first, but looking at my life in this way, where everything, no matter good or bad, is an opportunity to learn about myself and get better for the future has honestly improved my quality of life and has led to a whole lot less stress.

Do you have a mantra?

Thanks for letting me hang out in your blog space, and feel free to follow my blog (! I write about my life, my job, my style and other stuff I just randomly run into.



One Lovely Blog Award

My last semester of school has started and I have quickly realized that I should have prepped more posts over the break..oops. Fortunately, today I was nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award” by Kaitlin, a fellow blogger. I thought this would be a perfect time to pop back into the blogosphere, so hello!

screen-shot-2017-01-29-at-6-02-27-pmAlso, stay tuned for a blog swap post from Kaitlin soon!

Here are the rules:

  • Thank the person that nominated you and leave a link to their blog
  • Post about the award
  • Share 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate at most 15 people
  • Tell your nominees the good news!

My 7 Facts:

  • I have dreams of owning a farm and tending to a large garden, but my new diagnosis of severe allergies to basically everything outside is kinda sidetracking that plan.
  • I really enjoy cooking. I’m not that great yet, but I love the steps and process that it requires. You start with a bunch of random stuff and it all comes together to make a meal. I think its just so beautiful.
  • I’ve never been out of the country. It has just never happened. Vacations as a child were usually centered about AAU basketball schedules and the opportunity never came about. While I have the desire to travel abroad, there are also so many places in the US I want to visit as well.
  • I have lived in four different states, and soon I’ll be moving again!
  • Clothes > Make-up, Clothes > Shoes
  • I went to a private Christian school until I moved to Texas in 5th grade. I follow a lot of my  old classmates and past teachers on social media and it’s so wild to see what path everyone is on. (The teachers are v v v conservative, but all my old classmates seem v v v rad)
  • I played a lot of competitive basketball growing up and now I have no desire to ever watch a game ever again. I just can’t watch it without dissecting every move so it is just not good entertainment for me.

Well my friends, thats all I got for you today! Make sure you’re following my instagram account: lysseonlife. I post regularly on there and I have started a new series titled “Coffee Courage” look for the pictures of a coffee mug to check it out!



Podcast Party: My Experience with Audible

Y’all know how much I love podcasts, but for my latest drive to visit the boy I tried something a little different: audiobooks. I used a free trial of the Amazon related platform Audible and it worked really well. The drive was approximately ~6hrs, so I got two books that together would provide more than enough entertainment and were two very different genres.

Audible is a subscription based program. The first 30 days are free, then after that it is about $15 a month where you get 1 credit a month, which usually equals one book. If you want to buy an additional book that month then members get 30% off. So, just like Blue Apron, after I used the free trial I immediately cancelled my subscription because I don’t got money like that. Although, I would consider just paying for another book on its own next time I have a long drive to make. Overall, I really enjoyed the platform I just can’t afford it monthly.

What I Got:

Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham

  • Narrator Voice: The narration was down by Lauren Graham herself which I really enjoyed. She was easy to listen to and since it was a biography of sorts it added to the overall story.
  • Story/Content: I love Lauren Graham mostly for her characters on Gilmore Girls and Parenthood. This book of hers gave a look at how she got into the industry, the jobs she had before she “made it,” insider tips about life in Hollywood, her love life, and of course the back stage look at the Gilmore Girls Revival!
  • Length: 4hrs 38min
  • Overall Enjoyment: I loved it! The book was very light hearted and Lauren Graham seems to have such a down to earth personality for a celebrity like herself. The book is witty and filled with humor that reminded me of her Gilmore Girls character, Lorelai. 9/10 recommend! 

The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins 

  • Narrator Voice: This is a fiction book, therefore each character has a different narrator, or at least they all sound slightly different. The book is set in London, so they do all have a British accent. I honestly had a hard time distinguishing some of the characters, but they may also be because the book switches point of view after each chapter.
  • Story/Content: The book is about a woman who rides the train into the city every day and looks out onto the neighborhood where she used to live with her ex-husband. She watches a neighboring couple on her old street which she creates names and personalities for. The book continues about her life and her struggle in dealing with her husbands affair which led to her divorce, and all culminates around a mysterious murder of woman on that street, the same woman she created fantasies about each time she passed their house on the train.
  • Length: 10hrs 59min
  • Overall Enjoyment: Everyone that has recommended Audible to me, said I should definitely try this book, but I was not really impressed. The story drags at times, I didn’t think any of the plot twists were that surprising or innovative, so overall it was just okay. I think part of it had to do with the monotony and/or the annoyance of their voices. 6.5/10 recommend! 

Have a book recommendation for me? Comment below!



8 Things to Buy With Your Christmas Cash

Yay for an influx in Christmas cash, but what are you going to spend it on? Food, right? NO! Resist the urge and actually buy items that last! Crazy idea, huh? Here is my list of potential purchases!


  • Glossier Products: I’ve never bought or even tried anything from Glossier but I keep seeing it come up on various social media feeds and I’m very intrigued by their marketing/branding. They have lip glosses, body butters, face masks, nail polish, and more. I’m looking to try the _Super Pack which is a collection of face serums that either add bounce, help with breakouts, or add a glow!
  • Skin Food Products: Skin Food by AB is an Etsy store and the one product I have tried so far is great! About 6 months ago I gave up body wash that came in a plastic bottle and switched to bar soaps. One, its good for the environment. Two, trying new bar soap is so fun and so inexpensive! I was on the look for a soap specifically for my face and found the Organic Charcoal Soap from Skin Food. It is designed to help with acne, cleanse, and balance skin tone. I love love love it! It really calms my skin and helps with redness and irritation.


  • Lululemon: Yeah, so maybe ALL of your Christmas cash would have to go to this one but I couldn’t leave it off the list. I personally want some high waisted tights but am waiting for a pair I like to make it to the sale rack. Always remember there is a “We Made Too Much Section” AKA CLEARANCE!
  • Flare Jeans: Y’all I swear they are  back … coming back in style! Just wait, you’ll see. They are perfect to wear with all your winter booties. I’m looking at this pair at Target for only $25!
  • Boho Betty Jewelry: Jewelry is always something I forget about. I don’t buy much of it on my own and I often forget to even put it on. So if you’re like me, this is your reminder that jewelry is cool too. Check out some of the pieces from Boho Betty, and get 10% off with the coupon code “lysseonlife.” My favorites are: The Moselle Bracelet, The Beaded Tassel Necklace, and the Wanderlust Tassel Bracelet.

Paper Products

  • Journaling Bible: I feel like these Bibles have been all the rage lately. I know some people wouldn’t dare write in their Bible, and I know some people …like me who feel like it is oh so necessary ( I date every verse/chapter I read each time I read it). Well if you’re like me, a journaling bible may be for you. It has wide margins allowing for you to doodle, note, and reflect to your hearts desire. Check these out from Lifeway! 
  • Cookbook: It is 2017, lets get better at adulting! The boy got me a new cookbook for Christmas, Lighten Up, Y’all: Classic Southern Recipes Made Healthy. Perfect for me, right!? I’m so excited to cook my way through it.
  • Artifact Uprising: You know all those pictures you love so much that are trapped on your phone? Well how about you actually print those out. Artifact Uprising, prints some of the most beautiful pictures on quality paper that I just love. The square print sets are perfect for all those instagram pictures!

Hope this gave you some ideas you hadn’t thought about yet and if you do spend it all on food, thats okay too!



So You Want to Bullet Journal? 

Last week on Instagram, I posted about starting a bullet journal, but at that point I had jumped the gun a little bit because I had all my supplies, except for the journal. Well today, after some obnoxious UPS tracking, my journal arrived and I got right to work!

If you are unfamiliar, a bullet journal is a combination of a journal and a planner that you create to your liking all on your own (or with the assistance of stencils, templates, etc). It can be a very daunting task, but I love the flexibility and creativity it allows. I’ve also always been a person who carries around both a journal and a planner so I’m glad to combine them into one.

If you were to google “bullet journal” your mind would quickly be overwhelmed with all the inspiration and possibilities that are out there. For me this was very much the case, and some people are out here really going above and beyond. Don’t let this be a source of anxiety for you, or hold you back from starting, take the first step and try your best…for bullet journaling and everything else.

Okay, so you’re reading this post, you may have ventured over to google to get a glimpse of what I am talking about, and you think you want to do this! Alright well here is what you need:

  1. A Journal-most people prefer ones with a grid or dots, so think Moleskins. Or, you can purchase the “official bullet journal journal” a Leuchtturm 1917.
  2. Pens- you can use the pen you picked up from the doctors office last week, or go pick up some of the many v fancy writing utensils out there. I use Sharpie Pens, Tombow Dual Brush Pens, and ek Tools Pens.
  3. A Tiny Ruler-not necessary but is nice to have and it is small enough to store in the back of your journal.
  4. Washi Tape-again not necessary but can be fun to accessorize your journal’s cover of inside pages

Okay, so all supplies are on deck and you open your journal and you’re ready to go, right? No. Close the journal. Plan first, execute later. I had a 3 day waiting period before my journal came in the mail and during that time I scrolled through the many Buzzfeed articles, tumblr posts, and google images looking for layouts I liked and that I thought would be conducive to my life. When I found something I liked I screen shot it so that I could come back to it later. After this research I was left with a list of what I wanted, what order it would go in, and screen shot examples that corresponded.

  1. Index (if you got the Leuchtturm 1917 this is included in the pages)
  2. Key-I haven’t filled mine in yet because I’m still deciding what symbols I want to use, but this is basically a legend. For example, I may have an “x” to signify that a task is complete, or an –> to signify something has been migrated to another day/week, etc.

3. Future Log- A future log is pretty common in bullet journals and is used to pick out major events that happen in certain months. So your best friend’s birthday, or an anniversary, extended vacation, etc. It also allows for you to see the whole year.

4. Reading List- This is an example of something I used to write in my journal instead of my planner, but now it’s all here! I’m always looking for/being recommended new books to read and I found this layout online which I thought was really cute!

5. Blog Ideas & Goals-Obviously I have a blog so I wanted a page I could scribble post ideas on. Then on the next page will soon be filled with 2017 goals! 

6. January-Here is where I get to the meat of the planner section. January is my birthday month so that was my decorating theme. On the left page is descending numbers that correspond to each day of the month. There, I will right major events, ie. 10. MY BIRTHDAY! On the same page I included a simple to-do list for the month. Something I normally keep on sticky note on my laptop, so we will see how it works here. On the right page is “Monthly Affirmations” under it is a box with nothing include yet (lol) and another box for goals, as well as the calendar again. 

7. Habit Tracker- Another idea original to the bullet journal idea is a habit tracker. A place for you to list out the habits you want to keep for the month and track how often you stick to it or complete it ( The next picture is an closer view at my habits). On the next page is a simple spending log. Something I know i’m bad at keeping up with so we will see. Adulting is hard y’all. 

8. Week 1- Finally! I’m at my first weekly breakdown. Right away I want to point out that for next time, I’m going to start my week off with Monday and include Saturday and Sunday at the end of the week because I think that makes the most sense for keeping up with school assignments. As of now, I have many ideas for the uses the boxes on top serve: high and low of the week days, events/appointments I need to attend, etc. 

In between my 2017 Goals page I left about 5 front and back pages open for me to add things later. This is not necessary as the index is there to help you find pages you may be looking for even if they are randomly after other unrelated pages. I knew that I would come across more things to include (like a wishlist) so I left some black pages but they will be used up eventually. But overall y’all, thats it. It does take a good amount of time to set up, but now I just have to actually use it, then at the end of the week i’ll go in and set up the next week’s spread. If you have time, go ahead and get ahead as many weeks as possible!

I hope this was helpful and I hope you give it a try. Remember, be nice to yourself. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it should just be enjoyable and useful! If you think you might start, comment below and let me know, I think half of this is having people that will hold you accountable to keep using it, so lets be each others persons!



A Look Back at My 2016 Resolutions

Last year I wrote a post titled: 5 #Realistic New Year Resolutions, where I laid out my goals for the year. With 2017 in sight, I want to look back at how I did!

1. Do 14 sun salutations every day: While I’m not sure I stuck to the exact number of 14 sun salutations everyday, yoga did become a bigger part of my workout and relaxation routine. I’m excited to continue this and even kick it up a notch in the new year. Handstands I am coming for ya!

2. Send greeting cards to family and friends: This goal originated from my Grandma who is known for sending cards all the time. I personally look forward to my “just checking in” card every month. I really enjoy how thoughtful this small act is, and I found great joy in carrying this out in my own life. I sent birthday cards, condolences cards, and hey you’re a great friend cards! #success

3. Finish the Bible in a year: Well. Um. I got to March, and then when I fell off I beat myself up about it. So there was a small time period this year when I wasn’t actively pursing a personal relationship with the Lord, simply out of shame. After some good discipleship I was reminded that our Heavenly Father shows us grace, and I need to show myself grace in order to move on. So I did that, and grace has honestly been the theme of this year. There are ebbs and flows to every relationship and as I mature in my relationship with the Lord I understand this better and I’m more encouraged to stick it out during the times I feel more distant.

4. Save more money: Last year I saved every $5 bill I got and it worked really well. This year I didn’t do as much babysitting as I had in the past year so I wasn’t getting my hands on cash as often. I did do a major nannying job over the summer, and all the money I made went directly to my savings account and I have only touched $100 of it, so I’m pleased with that. One of my 2017 goals is to keep up with my monthly spending, so we will see how that goes.

5. Have faith in God’s plan: This is easier said than done. I’ve had a job secured for a while now, but when the time came do officially sign the papers I did have some unexpected hesitation about the future it would lay out for me for the next 4 years. Also, with a boyfriend now, his decisions do influence my life to some degree and since we are both graduating college this upcoming semester, a lot of changes are in sight. Having faith in God’s plan is a continual goal because we can plan all we want, but He is in charge.

Overall, I’m really happy with the goals I set last year. For 2017, I don’t have any specific ideas, mostly because so much of the year is so unknown. I’ll be graduating, moving to a new city, and be living the real adult lifestyle. I’m playing with the idea of having monthly goals which is something I can keep  track of in my new bullet journal (blog post to come). 2016 wasn’t too shabby for me personally, and I’m excited for what 2017 may hold!



Marc Jacobs Lip Créme: A Review

Hey y’all!

I think it is about time I add a beauty section to my blog because here is another make-up review! sent me a complimentary Marc Jacobs Lip Créme lip liner and gloss to review. By habit I call anything that comes with a brush and a tube “gloss” but they call this a lip créme.

I have mentioned before that I don’t care too much about brands and labels when it comes to most make-up, unless it is for my lips. NARS is my everything, and I will gladly pay the ~$32 for it. In the past I have been sent lipstick by Make Up Forever and while I liked it, it didn’t compare to anything I’ve gotten from NARS. I have also tried the tried matte lip “gloss” from ColourPop and while I wanted to believe in the hype, it just dried my lips out and it was all around bad (I have two that I don’t use so holla if you happen to want them). So, when I got this product I was a little skeptical, but in the end, pleasantly surprised!

First, I have never used a lip liner before so this was a new experience. Normally I just line my lips with the lipstick I am using then color in between the lines. The liner was a perfect color match and I really think it did its job–300 (Nude)ist. Though when I received the product the twist aspect had the liner pushed all the way up and it didn’t feel stable within the pencil. While I understand why a lip liner may be necessary for a liquid lippie like this, for $24 I’m not sure it is something I would purchase on my own.

Next, I applied the the actual lip cremé–450 Hot Cocoa. It went on smooth, the color is quite pigmented, and it didn’t immediately dry out my lips. It has a satin/velvet finish and I think this natural nude color complimented my skin tone nicely. In addition, the smell of some liquid lippies bother me, but it wasn’t a problem for this product. The real test for me is how long the wear is. I applied it around 11:30am and it still looked good after my 5pm workout! This is a product I would definitely purchase on my own. I’m looking at the creamy nude rose or peach nude shade next!

The Lip Créme retails at Sephora for $28. The Poutliner Lip Liner retails at Sephora for $24. 




Dealing with Change & Being Obedient

This is something that has been on my mind for a while. So prepare yourself for some vulnerability right now.

I’m a fourth year. This is my last year of school and from the outside it may look like I am set. I’ve had a job secured for next year since last semester. I know what my geographic location and occupation will be for the next four years. As a planner this all sounds like a good thing. So why do I feel anxious about what is next?

Change is hard and while I do know where and what I will be doing there are a lot of details I don’t know. I am also not going to downplay the feelings I have about potentially being in a long distance relationship for four years. One year has been hard enough and I have no doubt that we will stick through the tough times but hot diggity dog it is not the ideal plan.

In this time all I can tell myself is to be obedient. I need to continue pursuing the Lord, pray and make Him involved in my life decisions, and just have faith that God is ordering my every step. I know that if I am obedient I will end up exactly where I am supposed to be. Though in order to be obedient I have to put myself in position to listen and learn from the Lord so I know exactly how to carry out my obedience.

I recently finished reading Chip and Joanna Gaines book, The Magnolia Story. Joanna speaks about how she heard the voice of the Lord telling her to close her shop so she could spend time with her young kids, even when it was prosperous. Then again, many years later she heard this voice instructing her to open the shop again…the same shop that is now the massively successful Magnolia Market. Not to mention the success of their show Fixer Upper. That is obedience, and sometimes it is blind. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense, but the Lord knew exactly what He was doing and the blessings He had in store for her.

I want to have this level of obedience. I want to put my faith in the Lord and know that the change in front of me is just a point of transition in my life. I will make it through and what He has in store for me is more than I could ever imagine.